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Will Nice Dreams CBD show up on a drug test?
Nice Dreams CBD are made with a natural isolate extraction technique to draw out the CBD from industrial hemp, using Nano-Emulsification technology and super critical CO2 extraction methods, the manufacturing process eliminates all trace amounts of THC making all of our products 100% THC-free. 
will not make you fail drug tests with regard to THC.



Is CBD legal to purchase or do I need a medical card?

CBD is federally legal in all 50 states.  Nice Dreams CBD utilizes a natural CBD isolate, which happens to be the only technique to eliminate all THC, which makes it 100% legal to order and consume.  Our third party lab results from the most well known labs in the industry validate 0% THC, along with no pesticides or residual solvents. This results in a natural 99% Pure CBD manufactured in an ISO Certified LAB.

Other forms of CBD in the market have THC ranges as high as 5% -- the legal limit in California. Be sure to review your state’s laws prior to purchasing such products, as several states have zero tolerance with regard to THC.



Will CBD get me high or impair you’re my ability to function normally?

Nice Dreams CBD is a non-psychoactive supplement.  That means that you will NOT get high from our products even if you wanted to, but they are still awesome.



 Where should I start?  How much is the right amount to take?

The amount of CBD needed for each individual varies from person to person.  Each individuals endocannabinoid system is different.  Starting with a smaller dosage and increasing gradually helps users to become more familiar with how their bodies respond.  If an individual has a pre-existing condition, always consult with a health professional before taking any CBD products.  Consistency is crucial in providing enough time and energy for the body to become accustomed to embracing the benefits of CBD.




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